Achieving same day delivery in Bangladesh

Delivering the ordered product on the same day of purchase is no easy task. Why is it so demanded and how high is the difficulty level in a demographic such as Bangladesh? Find out here.

Achieving same day delivery in Bangladesh

Same-day deliveries are currently a massive running hit in the delivery service field. However, what does it take to achieve such prompt service in the situation in Bangladesh? It might be a tough call, but there are already services that have already taken their delivery service to the next level with same-day delivery. How to achieve such a feat? Let’s take a dive into the question of what it takes to achieve same day delivery in Bangladesh.

Like the name says, same day delivery means you get your product the same day you place an order. This brings a simple, yet powerful term to the table for consumers: Convenience. Same day delivery is built upon the customer’s convenience, with the product reaching them in the shortest time frame possible. This convenience then results in an uprise in brand value, reputation and satisfaction if carried out properly. The service itself has helped make many companies make their mark in their respective industries, and it brings opportunities wherever it goes.

How to enter the same day delivery space

Same day delivery can be tough on the company, but is just as rewarding if carried out properly. Here are some ways to achieve that:

  • Proper Warehousing: You may aggregate and pick up things for several clients at the same time by assembling orders together within your warehouse. For example, loading up all of the products for ten orders at once as opposed to one-to-one. Following the completion of the selecting process, products are categorized into the original client orders. This is not only more effective, but it also reduces the number of trips you and your employees make throughout your warehouse.

Micro warehousing can also be factored into this. All locations cannot be reachable and accessible to the warehouse, thus renting and micro warehousing in nearby locations only for storage and dispatch can help the company expand its territories greatly. Renting here is preferred as buying a space can be expensive, whereas renting is more cost efficient and flexible.

  • Optimize management: To tackle the complexities of same-day delivery, ensure that you have enough staff to execute the task. Furthermore, everyone must comprehend each phase of your same-day delivery operation. This refers to the time spent on every operation. As you're not doing the delivery personally, your crew should get accustomed to the process thoroughly.
  • Inventory Optimization: You must always be mindful of the goods you have on hand. This covers where it is physically positioned in your shop or warehouse as well as how soon it is restocked if anything is sold out. When a particular product is not in stock, it is excellent practice to propose an alternate product in its place. Assuming the things are equivalent, in a different color or label entirely.
  • Maintain communication and time-slotting: After your consumer has finished their order, offer specifics on when their things will be delivered. You must at the very minimum provide a direct communication, such as a message that says "We received your order at shop branch ABC. The product will be delivered between 5 to 6 p.m." If you don't know the precise time, use phrasing like "before 7 pm" to let them know that same-day delivery is still assured. It's also an amazing idea to have a section on your payment page for your client to fill out shipping instructions, such as a drop-off location or delivery preferences. This way, proper communication can be used to avoid any mishaps or cancellations.
  • Establish time gates for orders: It's just not feasible to provide same-day delivery 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To ensure that it can take place, you must set cut-off hours, blackout dates, and dispatch days. For instance, perhaps you only deliver same-day purchases before 4 p.m. If same-day delivery is simply not an option, for as if your business is closed on Mondays, you must disclose this notice on your purchase and shipping policy pages.
  • Setting the limitations: Regrettably, not everyone who makes a purchase online has the option of selecting same-day delivery at the checkout. It makes perfect sense for most businesses who handle same-day deliveries in-house, which means they provide local delivery using their own vehicles, to limit availability to consumers within a certain distance from their shop or even particular street addresses. This way, no unnecessary expectations are set up and the company will be able to choose the boundaries within which they are comfortable providing this service.

Challenges to operate same day delivery

Considering the scene within Bangladesh, Some limitations have to be taken into consideration. These limitations build up the foundation of the work process that makes the entire delivery system and give the company a view of what's to come in the real field.

  • Traffic System: Traffic congestion on Dhaka's busy streets is a major issue. Every day, there are several working hours that are generally disturbed due to traffic. The fundamental reason for this is an unplanned traffic system. The major highways and roads are tiny, and there are few professional traffic police. Dhaka city's GDP and quality of life are both affected as a result of traffic congestion. One of the most difficult responsibilities is to deliver the merchandise on schedule. Many services are unable to meet their objectives and offer adequate service as a result of the traffic system.
  • Urban issues: Because of the large number of people in Bangladesh, all systems have difficulty maintaining the entire procedure properly. Everyone's needs are not the same. Some will want to transmit their paperwork, while others want to move food or other items. It is really difficult to supply the goods without any errors. Bangladesh, being a populous country, is always confronted with a variety of critical issues with the movement of trade, commerce, and other business personnel.

There is no comprehensive urbanization strategy in Bangladesh, particularly in Dhaka. There is no combination of residence and road for this. As a result, finding a location to transport commodities and supplies is tricky. The construction process and roads in Dhaka city did not adhere to the regulations and standard operating procedures. As a result, Dhaka's urbanization is not sustainable. The area was urbanized, but it was not very beneficial to the country's economic situation or GDP growth rate.

With all these limitations, it still is possible to reach the target, and many companies have already started working their way towards mastering the craft. With the adoption of warehousing and delivery management technology, companies can study the patterns of demand within the customer base of the respective localities and make same day delivery even more efficient. This technology can hugely benefit the E-commerce sector by providing them infrastructure as same day delivery is at large expected the most from them in current times. Proper warehousing and delivery management can be expensive, but your company can turn that expense around and start saving with the help of Nuport.

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