Different applications of a dynamic dispatch engine

AI can be considered one of the most influential developments in the world business industry. It possesses the power of completely changing…

Different applications of a dynamic dispatch engine

AI can be considered one of the most influential developments in the world business industry. It possesses the power of completely changing a company’s face for good and one of the meticulous services it offers is the dynamic dispatch engine.

Dynamic dispatch engine is a background process that allows a system to make the most efficient, beneficial and rational decisions within a matter of seconds. It helps to measure and formulate a set of actions at runtime getting optimum results every time as a priority. It is usually done by a set of algorithms, real time data like location and product availability and much more. It is an essential tool for businesses that impacts customer experience. Learn what a dynamic dispatch engine is and its different applications in this article.

What is a dynamic dispatch engine and how does it work?

In business, time is equivalent to money and to make sure time is being utilized at its best, a dynamic dispatch engine can play a huge role and contribute to the bottom line significantly.

Dynamic dispatch engine is a constant process of finalizing and organizing tasks and plans by analyzing real-time data, specifics about the task in hand including location, roadtime etc., reviewing staff schedules and picking out proper order-vehicle facilitation. Simply put, The system lays out the plan to execute any order ensuring optimum results, cost and time efficiency. It’s an essential tool for growing businesses in sales and distribution for maintaining customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

This system uses Artificial Intelligence to cut through multiple constraints in seconds and draws out the most efficient roadmaps. Using algorithms and real-time data, it can easily point out the closest warehouse location to the order address and plan a set of optimized routes through monitoring traffic, roadtime and also fuel consumption, which isn’t only cost-effective but also extremely time-efficient.

Artificial Intelligence helps the engine to finalize the proper vehicle according to the order-vehicle requirement and also arrange necessary staff according to their schedule, eliminating the probability of overwork. It can also provide the customer with ETAs and shipment tracking services enabling a richer customer satisfaction experience.

It has a handful of different applications which are very beneficial to businesses and also the environment.

Features of dynamic dispatch engine

Below is a list elaborating on the features a the system incorporates.

1. Real-time team management:

From sales to distribution, warehouse and delivery team, team members are an essential node in the chain to ensure the distribution KPIs are met. Dynamic dispatch engine helps your company to assign a proper staff set through real-time staff management which helps to see all your staff’s schedules and who is up to what work. It also helps to avoid overworking conditions and tackle emergency situations in case any staff absence occurs.

2. Interactive Dispatch Board:

It helps to keep the system up-to-date with the information like which staff is assisting which task. This helps to not only find staff skill set but also clarity across the company so any mishandling can be immediately taken care of. And also you can get information about any past or future dispatches within seconds only through a swipe.

3. Smart Alerts:

A dynamic dispatch engine can issue alerts in case any emergency order occurs or even any mishap happens. It allows you to effectively manage an emergency or a time-sensitive situation within minutes which significantly eliminates any chances of further hassle and ordeal.

Dynamic dispatch engine applications

For the advantages and service dynamic dispatch engine brings on the table, it has been incorporated in different applications which benefit from the engine widely. Few such are hospitals’ ambulance services, home-based medical test assignments, lab testing, fire service, manufacturing and distribution companies, and other emergency services.

1. Medical lab testing services:

Anything that is related to health emergencies or necessities is usually deemed as top priority, which is both time-sensitive and can be costly. Usage of a dynamic dispatch engine in such an application helps with identifying the closest ambulance and hospital, picking out optimized routes, sending help to collect medical samples from the closest location and sending them to the closest lab. These time-sensitive decisions, which require a lot of knowledge to take as well as a lot of time, can be easily drawn out in a matter of seconds by this.

2. Fire service:

Fire service undoubtedly is also one of the most time-critical applications, and the performance and role that dynamic dispatch engine has in dispatching fire trucks with sufficient personnel through the optimized routes from the closest fire station, is not only great but commendable and lifesaving. The engine almost works as a lifesaving worker and ensures optimum results simultaneously.

3. Manufacturing and distribution companies:

Manufacturing and distribution companies use the engine not just to ensure time efficiency and save excessive costs in added road-time, which includes extra fuel costs, but the main aim is to maintain customer satisfaction. The engine picks out shortest routes and closest warehouse locations to ship from so that customers or any other deliveries can be done on time with efficiency.

4. Cash Distribution:

The usage of dynamic dispatch engines in the cash distribution process is one of the most mentionable and important utilization of this tool. For example, ATM booths are one of the daily staple stops for any job holder or working person to get necessary and emergency cash at any hour. Since ATMs do not have a bottomless source of cash built inside it, it needs to get restocked from time to time. And this process occurs rather out of the blue than planned. Here, the engine helps to assist out-of-order ATMs in the quickest way possible by sending alerts to the nearest branch of the bank the ATM belongs to.

5. E-commerce:

For e-commerce websites such as Daraz, Picaboo, Amazon and many more that stores sellable goods in their warehouses, which are spread across the city, a dynamic dispatch engine works wonders for them by helping to achieve customer’s optimum satisfaction and also saving a hefty amount of money in added road time and fuel consumption.It picks out the closest warehouse location to the customer’s address and also the closest delivery person to deliver,and also it provides the most optimized routes to deliver in the shortest time possible, cutting both extra road time and fuel consumption in the process.

Courier companies use dynamic dispatch engines somewhat the same way as e-commerce. It redirects parcels that fall under common areas to the closest courier hub, then sends alerts and appoints the closest delivery person to ensure time-efficiency.

All of the above are different applications of dynamic dispatch engines that help you understand the type of service and value it can add to your company.

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