How can you retain customers better with automated distribution management systems?

Just like how the human lives of the current era are crammed with automated technologies, the business industry is no exception. In fact…

How can you retain customers better with automated distribution management systems?

Just like how the human lives of the current era are crammed with automated technologies, the business industry is no exception. In fact, all the hindrances and obstacles that came along with the traditional methods can be mitigated by adapting to automated solutions right off the bat. And here, we’ll be talking about an automated distribution management system for your company that will help boost your business growth by retaining your customers.

What is an automated distribution management system?

An automated distribution management system provides a connected environment to conduct all the distribution tasks and management through software with minimal data entry. This helps immensely by providing foolproof solutions which are flexible to business process changes while also providing damage control measures. But most importantly, it proves to be very cost-effective in the long run.

Now, automated distribution management systems generally assist you with your company’s route optimization, fleet intelligence and delivery orchestration system. By just using software to automate processes, you can do tons of hours of manual work within minutes with foolproof data analysis and achieve calculated results. You are also able to ensure optimum security through a secure cloud environment through such software. All of these aren’t just going to augment your business growth but also satisfy and help retain your customer, which will help create a solid foundation for your distribution company.

How will the automated systems help retain your customers?

To properly specify how the benefits of the automated distribution management systems will help your company to retain your customers by ensuring optimum performance, here are a few key pointers:

1. Time efficiency:

The one thing that matters most to consumers and could also make or break a business is time efficiency. And the most significant advantage of having a fully automated distribution management system is being extremely time-efficient with the help of accurate data analysis within seconds, optimized route planning, reducing extra road time, well calculated ETAs and instant crisis reporting/management. All of these help your company by making the clients content with the services; hence retain all of your clients, contributing towards a loyal customer base.

2. Ensured safety:

With the help of real-time view of the vehicles and the finished goods, active fleet tracking by geofencing, instant delivery updates and electronic proof of deliveries which cannot be tampered with, your client can get the optimum security and that is really crucial in order to retain your customers.

3. Cost Efficiency:

Cost efficiency is one of the hardest to manage in the distribution industry. An automated distribution management system helps to cut fuel costs and extra vehicles by taking the shortest route via route optimization, saves a lot in road allowances by saving driving time, and mitigates any chance of foul play. And by being this cost-effective on your own, you are now able to transfer the cost savings to your customers by providing quality service at a meagre price.

4. Best customer service:

Quick reports, foolproof route planning, accurate data analysis, live status updates benefits of the fleet, auto alerts on fleet vitals, perfectly timed deliveries, and crisis management by fleet tracking and flexible scheduling. You can now ensure these for your clients by using an automated distribution management software. Is there any more to add?

5. Versatile customer base:

Due to being extremely versatile with the services, you will be able to keep all your direct sellers, wholesalers, retailers, distributors, and also brokers in check with one connected platform. By which you can mitigate any and all changes or miscommunication, foul play and ensure reliable exchange with peace.

6. Order management:

With everything being available just by a click, order management of your clients will be the easiest task of all. You can track your order, check order time and status just through your phone. And this is a way your company will be able to skillfully handle your clients’ biggest concerns.

7. Product status:

Now, this is going to be quite an addition to your business. Your clients will be able to check all your available products and services through any device, more specifically simple iOS or Android phones. Also people will be able to pre-order and get their hands on the services ahead of time. This is going to shoot your business from 10 to 100 and make it highly convenient for your loyal customers to stay in touch with your company’s sales and marketing departments.

8. Instant transactions:

And finally, instant transactions and payment statuses provided by the automated system are just going to make doing business effortless for your clients. Making sure they stay for good.

Every single one of the above-mentioned advantages can help your business immensely. It is critical that you have the correct software for your business to accommodate the aforementioned services. And all of these can be ensured for your company by Nuport’s automated distribution management system. Nuport’s automated distribution management system will help you to make strategic decisions ahead of time based on customer/demand/sales/process insights using accurate data analysis. So schedule for your demo today!