How can your supply chain manage the Eid season rush?

Eid is one of the biggest and most beloved festivals observed worldwide, meaning a rush like no other for your supply chain. Some strong…

How can your supply chain manage the Eid season rush?

Eid is one of the biggest and most beloved festivals observed worldwide, meaning a rush like no other for your supply chain. Some strong steps can prevent your supply chain from falling apart under this pressure. These measures not only help you out during the rush, but also strengthens the entire supply chain infrastructure. Let’s take a look into what they are.

How can you overcome logistical problems over the Eid season?

Logistical problems during this phase can range from internal management issues to on-field employee performance lags. Here are some factors that can help reduce the load:

Automation And Analytics

Logistics teams might often spend too much time controlling and tracking their whole supply chain, causing them to hurry from one assignment to the next. Many of those laborious processes and tasks could well be automated, allowing team members to concentrate on strategic goals and exemplary customer support. Shippers can eliminate difficulties and inefficiencies that might otherwise raise their costs by utilizing automated analytics for supply chain management in areas with large possible implications, such as routing guidelines and managing capacity.

Forecasting Demand

Because of the unpredictable nature of customers during the time, demand increases during the festive season are hard to foresee. Retailers’ efforts are reduced to a bare minimum now that demand forecasting software is accessible. To create a more realistic image, the auto-generated outputs of demand needs can be adjusted based on external circumstances and managerial experience.

Order Fulfillment Strategy Optimization

Simplifying and optimizing your whole order fulfillment process from top to bottom by reducing steps is one of the only long-term strategies to secure your Eid rush success. You’ll be upset if the delivery experience is terrible and doesn’t arrive on time, or if your consumers are generally dissatisfied. With exceptional and competent third-party supply chain management software on your side, the entire process could be streamlined. With state-of-the-art inventory management, extremely efficient pick-and-pack processes, cutting-edge automation, and shipping discounts, you can guarantee that your order fulfillment strategy is set up for optimum success of your supply chain.

Inventory Management

The merchant can begin stockpiling on the needed items once the demand projections are received. Because of the different lead times caused by the characteristics of the products, the merchant must purchase based on how long the product will take to arrive. Supply chain analytics can be utilized in order to prepare projections of product arrival and inventory management. Clothing has a longer lead time than food, for example. However, given the unexplainable increase in demand during the festive season, items should be bought well in advance of the festival to assure their accessibility on the days prior to the Eid celebration.

Workforce Optimization

The holiday season brings together dysfunctional and non-dysfunctional families alike. As a result, employees have little recourse if they wish to take a few days off. However, as demand grows, so does the need for a greater workforce to meet those demands. When you compel your staff to work on holidays, it has a negative impact on everyone. So, how can you get your staff to show up for work at the hardest time of the year? Simple. Pay them extra or give them floating vacations, anything to get them to come to work on their own time. You may also rotate employees’ hours so that they have an equal amount of time with their families.

Utilizing Shortage Against Demand

When a trending product is in short supply or difficult to obtain, the shop might use a strategy to improve sales both before and beyond the holiday season. Let’s imagine a certain food item is in short supply in the industry, but your sales forecasting indicates that once you have it, it will sell out quickly. The issue is that your provider can only supply a limited amount of merchandise during the Festive season, with the remainder arriving later. The goal is to publicize the food items so extensively that every buyer within your advertising reach desires them. They’ll keep trying to get it, which might result in a surge in sales and a significant increase in earnings.

Strengthen Delivery Management

With the festive rush, comes a flow of deliveries that need to be fulfilled. This can be a monolithic task to manage as the number of customers waiting for a product can reach unpredictable amounts for a festival as large as Eid. Without proper distribution management, the supply chain could potentially fall apart. Integrating technology such as a Delivery Management System(DMS) can prevent such casualties. A DMS takes over the delivery management procedure with operations such as route optimization, fleet management, dynamic monitoring, etc. This makes sure the large number of products that are being dispatched reach their destination on time and most efficiently for both the company and client.

Why is proper supply chain management important during Eid?

As one of the biggest and most important events to be witnessed in a year, Eid brings unexpected surges in the supply chain for any company. If not managed properly, the damage dealt will carry on with the company’s brand image and its acceptance by the customers. In the same way, if managed properly, a company will gain invaluable points on the customer satisfaction scale. Good supply chain management not only uplifts the company’s image, it further strengthens the company’s infrastructure as the peak pressure period puts the company’s highest capabilities to the test.

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