How Route Optimization Software Improves The Life Of The Delivery Executives

Any and all sorts of businesses include a myriad of tasks to be done on a daily basis and almost all of them are generally time-sensitive…

How Route Optimization Software Improves The Life Of The Delivery Executives

Any and all sorts of businesses include a myriad of tasks to be done on a daily basis and almost all of them are generally time-sensitive. Manual methods might be the traditional method of getting tasks done, but in today’s date, there is technology to help with almost everything your business is composed of. And one of which is the route optimization software which makes the life of a delivery executive a hundred folds easier. Learn how route optimization software can work miracles for your delivery executives.

What is route optimization software?

Route optimization software is a computer application that calculates the most efficient route for delivering or picking up goods. It takes into account factors such as traffic congestion, roadblocks, distance, and time. This is used by businesses to optimize their daily delivery routes; this way, delivery executives can out the best routes to save extra road time, all by just a swipe and click. In addition to that, it also saves your company a hefty amount of money in fuel consumption by cutting unnecessary turns and ensuring drivers don’t go out of their way.

An integrated route optimization software doesn’t only help with optimizing routes but also helps to keep staff schedules updated and provides all the necessary information to assemble a proper fleet for any delivery.

How does route optimization software help delivery executives

The job of delivery executives isn’t just as simple as dropping off a package. There are a handful of complications and tasks that have to be done properly in order to deliver a package successfully. Oftentimes, even more issues arise after dispatching a delivery. A route optimization software can tackle and skillfully manage all the obstacles a general delivery executive faces on a daily basis. For instance:

1. Address identification and route:

Addresses are one of the trickiest parts of conducting a delivery and are also very errorsome. And when addresses can be tricky, identifying the best route for going there is not always possible for delivery executives. Route optimization software, with the help of geofencing, can easily pinpoint and provide exact coordinates regardless of how confusing the address might be. It also provides with the most optimized route options and even backup options incase of emergency, considering sudden traffic or roadblock.

2. Unavailability of customers:

This is one of the most recurring problems in case of deliveries. People often stay busy at their workplace or just go outside not knowing that their parcel might be on it’s way to their home. The only solution to this is route optimization software’s ‘geofencing alerts’ that helps notify the customer beforehand of their parcel’s whereabouts, it also provides ETAs for customers to know exactly when to expect the arrival of their delivery. So that the availability of the customers can be ensured, so the delivery executives don’t have to make double runs.

3. Proof of delivery :

This is a very impressive feature for delivery executives. Delivery executives generally had to submit the list of done deliveries or proof of deliveries at the end of their shift. So there was no way of knowing if any parcel failed to be delivered until the very end of the day. With the mobile application, delivery executives can report proof of delivery right after it’s done, also in the case of partial deliveries which occur due to faulty products, delivery executives can easily update the system about the partial delivery and product issues instantly. It helps to not only improve the customer’s experience but also dismiss any chance of delivery fails or mistakes.

4. Product return:

Apart from partial deliveries, oftentimes customers face issues like wrong product, size issues, etc. When that occurs, the customer generally returns the product for exchange or refund. Generally, that used to take weeks for the company to respond to the customer’s complaints. But now, delivery executives can instantly update the problem in the company’s database at the point of delivery so that it can be followed up within a day or two.

5. Online/Offline Data Sync:

Nuport’s mobile app allows online-offline sync for places where the network is weak or non-existent. This allows the companies to still maintain event timestamps + attachments to be properly stored offline and sync when the network gets better.

This is how the daily hassle of the delivery executives can be easily managed by just a swipe and a click. Now, all of the advantages of having a route optimization software comes down to choosing the best software fit for your business. Nuport’s route optimization software is one of the leading names in the market that can give your delivery executives and your business the access to gain the upper hand in the race.

Nuport route optimization software

Nuport’s route optimization software features aren’t limited to just optimizing delivery routes; it can also be a complete transformation of your entire distribution business infrastructure due to its comprehensive features. Real-time insights, geofencing, measuring KPIs and automated route planning being it’s strongest suits, Nuport’s route optimization software provides your company the ultimate operational and planning backup.

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