How using automated route planning software can cut down your distributional costs?

​​In today’s age of cutting-edge technology, the solution to any and all kinds of problems is only a click away. And for the matter of…

How using automated route planning software can cut down your distributional costs?

​​In today’s age of cutting-edge technology, the solution to any and all kinds of problems is only a click away. And for the matter of saving time, energy, and money that goes into planning the routes for your company’s daily deliveries and distribution, automated route planning software is the ultimate solution. Here you will get a guide to the most suited automated multi route planning software for your company and exactly how it will cut down your distribution costs, road time, and more. Simply put -

  • An automated delivery route planner saves time and fuel costs
  • It saves employee payroll costs by decreasing the need for extra drivers or fleet managers
  • It saves time in the delivery process by eliminating the chances of wrong directions and lengthy routes
  • It improves customer satisfaction when drivers can promptly deliver goods and services and by providing live ETA updates to customers via SMS

It reduces traffic and parking problems by enabling companies to pick up and deliver goods at times that are convenient for both the customer and the business (especially in cities)

All about automated route planning software:

Anyone running an ecommerce or a distribution business is very familiar with the fact that the process of manually planning a route for a warehouse is labor-intensive, time-consuming, and expensive. But now, you can do those tasks for your company with minimal effort and with foolproof results by using automated route planning software. With automated route planning software, you can reduce the time for staff members to manually map out routes for every day deliveries. This type of software utilizes AI algorithms and routing tools to connect customer order information with warehouse locations or destination locations. The software creates and picks out customized routes for your company that saves time and money while being more efficient than traditional methods.

The number of companies that are adapting to automated route planning software is towering simultaneously as we speak. The software is designed to make the delivery routes more efficient by determining the best way for drivers to get from any part of the country to another. It takes into account the location of the deliveries and their relative distances from each subsequent drop-off point. This means that drivers can spend more time on deliveries and less time driving in circles around the same area.

How does automated route planning software benefit your company:

Automated route planning software like Nuport does wonders for both medium and large business owners involved in logistics and distribution. It allows them to utilize their time and money for optimum results. Let’s find out the benefits this technology offers:


  • Increases order accuracy by live cross-checking with inventory and customer credit allowances to ensure fulfillment.
  • Automatically update any product changes in all systems.
  • Order approvals allow greater control for the management team.
  • Monitoring order frequency allows you to work on strategies that reduces the time to sell off inventory.


  • Speed is your weapon in your delivery process, and agility helps you react to sudden changes in operation.
  • With digitization, you achieve alertness, accessibility, decisiveness, flexibility.


  • Stay on top of things by knowing where is your fleet, your shipment, your field staff.
  • Save time by generating auto-reports on field service engagement, your CO2 impact from your fleet, your distributor locations, and their distribution effectiveness.


  • Average time per delivery
  • Demurrage estimations
  • Average cost per delivery
  • Average CO2 saved per delivery


  • Reduce fuel consumption which can account for 30% of your operational costs.
  • The only way to truly reduce fuel costs is to use route optimization systems to reduce the number of km driven per delivery.
  • With better routes, companies are able to measure and reduce point-to-point distance, fuel consumption per driver, out-of-range km, number of km driven.

All of these can be ensured just by opting for an automated routing software.

Automated route planning software like Nuport offers these foolproof benefits for businesses of all sizes with the help of complete digital transformation of your distribution planning. Automating routes helps companies reduce costs, improve efficiency, and cut labor costs. Routes can even be optimized based on the type of cargo that’s being delivered, for example, temperature-sensitive or time-critical cargo. Implementing automated routing software can significantly reduce the amount of time spent on administrative tasks in addition to cutting down on fuel use and carbon emissions. Hence, not only ensuring a better future for your company but also the environment.