Order Management System | The Best Way to Level Up Your Online Business

Order Management System | The Best Way to Level Up Your Online Business

The more your online business grows, the harder it becomes to manage it properly. Just as your customer grows, so does the challenge to maintain a large number of orders and products. So, how you can deal with it?  The best solution to this problem is an efficient Order Management System (OMS).

I’m sure you’re interested to know how, right? So, let’s dive right in and explore the magic of an Order Management System for your e-commerce business.

Introduction to Order Management System

Most commonly known as Order Management Software, an Order Management System (OMS) is a special kind of system that can collect all of your orders from multiple sales channels into one unified dashboard so that you can see and manage all of your orders effortlessly from one singular place.
For example, let’s say you’re an E-commerce business owner and you sell your products across multiple channels like Website, Facebook, Instagram, Email, Whatsapp, or Phone calls. You either need to write all the information down in a notebook or have to enter in your system on an Excel spreadsheet one by one.

Now, imagine you didn’t need to do any of that. That would save you a lot of time and effort, right?

No matter in which channel your orders come from, you could update that in your system in seconds. If you could automate the whole system, it would drastically reduce the number of wrong orders and your order processing time. This is what a robust order management system can do. From placing orders to delivery, a well-constructed order management system can save your time and effort in every step. Curious to get into more details? Let’s jump right in.

Key Problems for E-commerce Businesses in Bangladesh


Due to the lack of an effective order and inventory management system, online business owners in Bangladesh don’t usually stay updated about their inventory. As a result, understocking/overstocking is a common problem here.

An advanced Order Management System can solve all of these problems. This system can also act like a product tracking software, and give you the latest update on your stock. It can also update you if any of your products goes below a certain threshold so that you can restock that product as soon as possible.

Longer Order Processing Time

Online Businesses in Bangladesh spend a lot of precious time with manual entries, processes, and updates. Imagine your online shop gets 20-25 orders daily. Now, if it takes roughly 5 minutes to track each of your orders through a notebook or Excel spreadsheet, it means you’ll spend more than 2 hours each day. On a monthly basis, that number reaches almost 3 full days.

Poor Communication

It takes a strong communication channel between the smaller parts of your business so that everyone on your supply chain can be updated about any changes in real-time. A flexible communication channel between all your internal departments is imperative for maintaining a steady growth rate. Most e-commerce companies in Bangladesh work with individual teams but lack synchronization.

Some of the most prominent issues an e-commerce company can face due to this problem are multiple unnecessary warehouse visits, messy inventory, late deliveries, multiple/wrong entries, and angry customers!

So, What’s the solution? Let’s find out.

The Solution

In today’s modern era, managing multiple channels to run a single online store has become imperative. However, if you have to maintain all those channels manually, that’ll increase your stress instead of making your life easier.
Large warehouses hire dedicated employees to manage a large number of orders. This wastes valuable operation time and creates opportunities for human errors; affecting the whole supply chain.
Smart businessmen of this time need a multi-channel order management network so that they can check all the updates in real-time. You’ll need a system that can automate all the steps between product stocking and delivery. Tech startup Nuport offers a system that can do exactly that, and more.

Nuport E-commerce Suite is the first and only Bangladeshi platform that can save you valuable time by automating your whole supply chain. It can also help you to boost your profit margin by increasing the efficiency of your business operation.

Thank you for reading this far. If you are searching for the best order management system in Bangladesh, give Nuport a go. Schedule a demo with us!!

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