Track your Fleets and Riders in Real-time

Fleet tracking software is the perfect way to keep your drivers safe as well as keep you updated with delivery statuses all while on the road. Learn how real-time tracking of your fleet helps you see exactly where they are at all times, and make sure they are arriving safely at their destination.

Track your Fleets and Riders in Real-time

Fleet management might seem like a merely simple task to people with smaller fleet size or who are new in the distribution or logistics industry. However, people who lead successful businesses and have to work round-the-clock to maintain the business growth and meet the delivery service level agreements know the significance of fleet management. It's undoubtedly one of the focal points of a well-regulated and profitable business. And it only gets more difficult as the number of fleet increases, reciprocating the growth.

As managing a limited fleet isn't difficult, but when it comes to managing hundreds or thousands of vehicles across numerous sites on a daily basis, human intelligence alone isn't adequate to keep up with on-ground operations. Businesses often experience issues in monitoring riders and tracking wasteful behaviors like idle time and additional break hours due to a lack of visibility in on-ground logistics. Accidents during transportation caused by simple carelessness may sometimes result in losses for enterprises. Hence, an integrated fleet management is necessary to keep the operations advanced and afloat with added benefits of Ai with machinery.

Artificial intelligence is automating and streamlining logistics operations for E-commerce, retail, CPG, home services, and 3PL enterprises, eliminating human interaction in tiring and time consuming activities like route planning and rider assignment. AI-driven fleet management systems are also being used by businesses to track and monitor last-mile activities in real time. It's also useful for informing consumers about order shipping, delivery executives, and estimated delivery times.

What is Fleet Management Software?

Fleet management software is a set of programs that allows businesses to manage, organize, and monitor cars from a single information system, ensuring that the whole fleet operation runs smoothly. By monitoring data on driving routes, speeding, idle time, and work breaks, real-time vehicle tracking systems enable organizations to maintain vehicle and staff safety as well as driver efficiency.

Top Features to Look for in a Fleet Tracking Software

Investing in fleet monitoring software to guarantee efficiency, transparency, and consistency in logistics operations throughout your supply chain is a wise move. However, with so many alternatives, deciding which is best for your company may be difficult. When it comes to corporate software, competitive price and new features are generally the decisive considerations.

Cloud-based vehicle management systems are becoming more popular among developing enterprises. These cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions have low upfront fees and operate on a pay-per-use basis. However, there are a few key aspects that logistics managers should look for in a solid fleet monitoring system. When choosing a real-time monitoring system for your organization, look for these must-have characteristics.

Live View Tracking Dashboards

Through interactive dashboards, a smart fleet management system provides logistics managers with a real-time status picture of on-ground delivery operations. Managers may remotely monitor riders using a single screen dashboard and have real-time insight on the road time of several riders at the same time. The software makes it simple to keep track of hundreds of riders in multiple places. Managers may also use live view monitoring dashboards to effectively and correctly handle crucial and supervision required activities. This is particularly useful for E-commerce and home service firms, which deal with large-scale activities on a daily basis.

Predictive Alerts

In most cases, vehicle tracking systems employ GPS trackers to follow field activities in real time, such as e-commerce deliveries, home service job completion, and taxi movement status. Smart fleet management solutions, in addition to tracking where the rider or vehicle is, use real-world data to provide predictive alerts to logistics managers in the event of schedule deviations, planned routes, undesignated halts, exceeded break times, dynamic alerts for maximum and minimum temperature, and so on. With the aid of these predictive notifications, managers can take the required steps to avoid delays and get things back on track quickly.

Analytics & Insights

While tracking logistics, fleet management solutions collect large amounts of real-time data on a variety of variables, such as rider information, tribal knowledge, location-based traffic information, peak traffic hours, accident-prone areas, rider preferences, on-the-ground concerns faced by drivers, and even common causes for late or missed deliveries. Decision-makers may use these data sets to better plan future logistical actions. A smart vehicle monitoring system should be able to automatically assess such easily accessible on-the-ground data and provide relevant insights for efficient logistics planning.

Order Status and ETAs

The use of fleet monitoring software has the primary goal of making the whole logistics and last-mile delivery process more visible and dependable for clients. Your live view tracking system should enable you to communicate critical information with your consumers, such as the driver's name, phone number, delivery date, package details, and projected arrival time.

Customers should be able to follow the progress of their order in real time and know who is managing their order in the case of same-day delivery companies such as grocery or food delivery or even home services. Customers' faith in your business grows as you share real-time data with them, and complaints and grievances drop dramatically.

Choosing the right software

In today's competitive and dynamic business world, the need of a comprehensive vehicle monitoring system for logistics management cannot be overstated. Implementing a comprehensive and sophisticated real-time fleet monitoring system might be a wise decision for your organization if you're contemplating digitizing your day-to-day logistics planning and better regulating on-ground operations. Hence, to make all of these developments accessible for your company, Nuport's fleet management and fleet intelligence software might just be the best solution for you. Nuport's integrated software and experts solution will also help you tailor all the necessary support and further your company needs. Schedule for your free demo today!