What is multi-stop route planning and why is it important?

In a distribution business, the plan and goal is always about increasing the profit, increasing time-efficiency, building an excellent…

What is multi-stop route planning and why is it important?

In a distribution business, the plan and goal is always about increasing the profit, increasing time-efficiency, building an excellent brand reputation, and cutting excessive costs. From the very few ways your company can check all the boxes at once, multi-stop route planning is one of the most effective ones. It doesn’t only help your distribution company to increase profit, time efficiency, build brand reputation and cut excess costs but also optimizes all the delivery tasks of your company and helps the staff to avoid being overworked and also lessens road-time. It is a fully automated system that enables you to get transparency throughout the whole delivery task force.

What is multiple-stop route planning?

Multi-stop route planning is the process of covering multiple delivery stops in one trip. The planning requires important real-time information about available vehicles, drivers, traffic and routes. Businesses use this to optimize their delivery or sales routes. By creating a plan that includes multiple stops, companies can save time and money while delivering or selling to more customers. This process involves creating a map of the desired route using route optimization, then adding delivery stops and calculating the best order for those stops. This process can be done without any software. Still, due to its complex nature, it is not only time consuming but very error some and requires additional man-hours which causes extra expenses in added payrolls.

Hence, getting a route planning software ticks all the boxes.

Why is software important for multi-stop route planning?

When it comes to distribution businesses, time is money. That’s why multiple-stop route planning is essential for companies looking to get the most out of their day. Multi stop route planning allows managers to create a series of stops and tasks automatically that need to be completed in a certain order, all while minimizing their time on the road. This type of planning can be used for sales calls, deliveries, or any other business-related task that requires travel. And planning which involves such diverse information and needs to be under constant updates regarding traffic, roadblocks or even vehicle issues. Manual methods can cause not only a huge amount of time but also can not be 100% reliable. Whereas, if you use a route planning software which maps out multiple stops, it will be able to analyze all the crucial factors automatically in a short span of time. It could also update any multiple-stop route plan at any moment with alternative roads or added stops in the case of traffic, roadblock or emergency deliveries. It can also arrange the fleet according to available drivers within their work hour immediately, therefore an issue of limited fleet or time can be dissolved within seconds. And all of these will only be a matter of swipe and click. However, the first step towards enabling your business to all of these accesses, is to choose the correct software.

Nuport’s multi-stop route planning software can be the perfect option to ensure all of the advantages for your business.


Multi-stop route planning software is one of the core functionalities of Nuport. It can provide your company with the perfectly fitted solutions your company might be in need of. From geofencing to measuring KPIs, Nuport’s multi-stop route planning software provides your company the best of features to manage all of its deliveries without any sort of difficulties. Nuport also ensures easy and automatic fleet intelligence, convenient re-optimization for emergency situations and maximized efficiency even with the limited fleet. To get the best expert solution for your company’s progress, schedule for a free demo today!