Why Is The First Delivery Attempt Critical For Retail?

Retailers are constantly looking for ways to improve the customer experience and cut costs. The first delivery attempt being one of the effective ways, is often the most critical because it establishes customer trust. Learn why is it critical and how to use it to benefit your business.

Why Is The First Delivery Attempt Critical For Retail?

Amidst the few key contributors that play important roles towards establishing a fine balance between a company's profitability and the customer's satisfaction, "First Attempt Delivery" can indisputably be considered one of the most crucial ones.

There are a few reasons why the first delivery attempt is so important. First and foremost, it establishes trust between the customer and the retailer. This is why the customer can always rest assured that their purchase will be delivered properly within time. So, it's given that to keep a satisfied customer base, first attempt deliveries are irreplaceable. Second, it is a huge loss for companies if the deliveries are not done on the first attempt. It's concerned with not only the double or even more resources spent in extra rounds of trips to deliver the same package but also the other things associated with that package, such as storage space, invoice issues, extra road time, and as well as fuel costs. All of this combined can deduct a hefty amount from the profit margin or sometimes even turn out to be a loss. Hence, first attempt deliveries are crucial to ensure one's business stays afloat.

What is First Attempt Delivery?

First attempt delivery means a product getting delivered within the first attempt to deliver it after being dispatched. This term or event has gained individual recognition due to the loss of a failed "First Attempt Delivery" run. As a consequence of being failed to deliver a package in the first attempt, your company will have to end up using double resources behind the same package, as well as there are storage issues concerning how and where to keep the shipment in proper condition for another day and if it's biodegradable then there are a lot of sensitive matters that can affect the quality of the product. Hence, if a product isn't shipped within the first attempt, it can carry a lot of issues along with it. And the main reason that first attempt deliveries go unanswered or unsuccessful is solely the lack of proper calculation and planning and sometimes miscommunication or even lack of communication. Therefore, the only way for a company to avoid all of these problems is to take the help of advanced technology, which means software that helps keep your data and schedule properly updated and, most importantly, eradicate the possibility of these mistakes from happening.

The benefits of First Attempt Deliveries

The benefits of First Attempt Deliveries can be attributed to quite a few important factors. Such as;

  1. Improved customer experience
    Customers in today's technology-driven world, where they can place an order with a few taps on their mobile phone screen, don't like to wait long for it to be delivered, nor do they have the time to. Delivering an order within the stipulated time frame is one thing; delivering it on the first try is quite another. Improving the first-attempt delivery rate is critical to achieving both of these objectives. And this can be achieved just by researching the requested delivery time window, packaging and shipping the product properly, allowing them to pin their location, and presenting them with a live ETA via a tracking link. Customers will not only be delighted and their experience with your brand will be enhanced, but they will also return to the shop.
  2. Minimized additional cost
    The delivery of packages from source to destination entails a significant shipping expense. However, if a customer cancels an order due to a delivery delay, unavailability at the specified address, or any other reason, the order gets classed as RTO, which means "Return To Origin ."And it doesn't only result in added hassle but is also a waste of time and money returning the items to the warehouse. And when the same package is getting delivered again to the destination, it costs the retailer another round of added charge, an extra delivery fee. In short, the failed attempt of delivery results in an added charge, wastage of space, wastage, and additional road time, all of which result in a reduced profit margin. Hence, first attempt delivery eliminates all of these and minimizes any possibility of the additional cost.
  3. Increased Brand Reputation and Consumer Endorsement
    As per online research, around 80% of satisfied customers share the positive and timely delivery experience with their acquaintances. And this is how a strong and intuitive brand rep gets built amongst people. And if your company gets successful in every first attempt delivery lessening the waiting time for customers and increasing satisfaction, good words can spread like wildfire helping your company get an even more loyal and enlarged customer base.
  4. Gaining competitive edge
    First-attempt delivery is critical for meeting customers' ever-increasing expectations and outperforming your competition. This can be accomplished by optimizing your last-mile delivery operations.

All of the above and much more can be attained by your retail business ensuring "First Attempt Delivery" by the usage of software that is-

  1. Integrated - that can combine all the important information regarding shipping and logistical operations within a single system with the intention of being successful in the first delivery attempt.
  2. Digitized - that entails converting all tracking data to a digital format for easy distribution and real-time updates.
  3. Automated - that improves the efficiency of your delivery attempt by using a logistics software solution.

And the perfect solution to these requirements can be provided by Nuport's delivery management system.

Nuport delivery management system

Nuport can give your company the benefits of an integrated, digitized, and automated software that won't just help with the first delivery attempt but integrate, digitize and automize the entire delivery system. From tracking deliveries in real-time, Live delivery ETA, scheduling the deliveries properly and rescheduling when needed, geo-fencing, electronic proof of delivery (EPOD) to complete the entire end-to-end order fulfillment process to real-time communications with the drivers, everything necessary to make the initial delivery run successful can be backed up by Nuport.

To implement these measures and give your company the leading edge, schedule for your demo today!